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Our Story


I studied B.com international trade. As a result a friend approached me in 2015, after her travels to Israel, and chatted to me about the possibilities of importing something from Israel. I soon realised that a weak South African rand did not make this a viable option. This conversation however sparked the question. "What is in Israel that we would love to have in South Africa?". After some discussion my husband and I realised jewellery was special and something that we all desire to wear to express our faith in Yahweh, love for His Scripture, His people and land, Israel. 

I never went looking for a business. I was too busy raising my babies. It all happened so suddenly after this conversation and everything fell in place. I started drawing some ideas for jewellery pieces from Scripture and someone made it for me. I very primitively took pictures of my few jewellery pieces with my phone and put it online. Slowly but surely Yahweh raised people to support me and request other Scripture and Hebrew inspired pieces to be made. My jewellery range has been growing over time, to my delight, and still continues to do so. Each individual who has ever supported me has been part of this journey.

Elloise Jewelry is a family owned business run by Leedia van der Linde, mother of four boys and wife to her supportive husband and covering. Our desire is to be a Kingdom business with a focus to honour Yahweh and His Son Yeshua the Messiah, to uphold Scripture, and be a blessing to His people and His land, Israel.

We aim to design and provide meaningful Scripture and Hebrew inspired jewelry to adorn the Bride. These jewellery pieces are hand-made and a tangible expression of faith. At the heart, our jewellery speaks of that which is costly from Scripture and the Hebrew language for each individual. If you however do not find exactly what you are looking for and have something else in mind that speaks to you, please get in contact with us. We can make it happen for you.

Our jewellery is made with care by a Jewish jeweller. He is a fair and honourable man and a delight to support. We also want to support other Kingdom enterprises by donating a portion of each sale to organisations that spread the Word of Yahweh or do the work of Yahweh.

We support the following causes:

Hagars Choice safe home for baby's and children. 


Elim ministries for the spreading of the Scripture in Afrikaans and Xhosa as well as various other written resources. 


Thank you for being part of our story...